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Deanna Wolf

1. The Belford Research Room
The Belford Research Room gives students step by step instructions on how to create many documents for a business from a website to how to search items. The Belford Research room also gives the learner instructions on how to create essays with avoiding plagiarism, and to stay on topic.
Did you know that when evaluating your sources that are presented to you when trying to write an essay, the key idea is to first see if there is any relevance of the source for your essay? If you feel that the source is relevant, you can highlight certain aspects of the essay and summarize it through Microsoft word.

2. Designing for the Web: A Tutorial by Mike Markel
Mike Markel shines light onto the fact not many people find it simple to create websites. Markel explains that depending on the website all depends on the format and the information being presented on the website. Markel explains images to inform the viewers how to create a website.
Did you know after creating your website, you must launch your website onto a web server in order for your website to be seen on the public Internet.

3. The St. Marin's Tutorial on Avoiding Plagiarism
This website presents ways that plagiarism can be presented throughout an essay. Unfortunately, plagiarism is accidently placed into a paper without the intention of actually cheating. St. Martin’s Tutorial shows ways to avoid plagiarism throughout the essay.
Did you know that most plagiarism is unintentional, and the most popular form of plagiarism for the unintentional victims is patworking?

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